Grey Upholstered Headboard Ideas

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Grey upholstered headboard can be as attractive as it is functional. Covered with the fabric of your choice, this feature can give the room a touch of elegance with creamy satin or a funky style with light colored velvet. Stopped bedside tables add comfort to bed as well as providing a soft place to sit back and relax with a book at the end of a long day. Create an expansive feature for a plush wall that will attract us to stay in bed all day. The options for this quick project are endless and will allow a personal look in each bedroom.

Antique Grey Upholstered Headboard

Antique Grey Upholstered Headboard


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Measure the width of your bed and determine how many extra inches you want on grey upholstered headboard. Place at least 2 inches to the width of the bed to make sure the mattress does not dwarf the end. For a graduated and gauntlet, you may want to add even more. Sit on your bed and decide where you want to go up on the gable fall behind you. This allows you to step into the board securely behind your bed. If you prefer a bedside that rests on the floor, measure from the floor up.

Have a piece of plywood cut to the measurements determined. Most builders’ houses will cut plywood slabs for you. Get a piece of foam at least 2 inches thick from a fabric store. If possible, make them cut to the same size as plywood. Buy a piece of bat those measures 1 foot longer and 1 foot wider than plywood. Choose a fabric to grey upholstered headboard and have this material cut to 2 meters longer and 2 meters wider than plywood.

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