Natural And Delicated Leather Tufted Headboard

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Leather Tufted Headboard – The leather is known to be a natural and delicate type of fabric. Most people use upholstery leather or as material for clothing. Although the skin looks smooth and perfect when, over time, leather can dry and lose its soft texture. However, it can restore the old leather. Leather restoration can be done using some items that can be found in your home.

Decorating a bedroom does not mean simply putting furniture in certain places or adding pillows for the bed. It can also mean cushioning or covering a cloth headboard. Some owners decide to wear a tufted leather headboard. After having fastened wooden bed posts to a piece of plywood that fits the size of your bed, you can cover it with a leather of your choice. Roll or spread a large section of the leather tufted headboard on the floor with the back of the skin facing up. Lay the flat head on the leather, and then hang the leather on the headboard.

The leather tufted headboard until it is tense and without wrinkles on it. Fasten the leather to the headboard using upholstery nails and a hammer. Space the nails 1 to 2 inches apart, along with the border of the header. Turn the headboard over and tighten the skin to the opposite side with more upholstery nails and a hammer. Cut the leftover leather with scissors to finish making your head tufted leather.

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