Create Spectacular Diy Tufted Headboard


Diy tufted headboard can make an ugly looking piece attractive and turn an uncomfortable surface into a soft and elegant accent. A basic upholstered headboard consists of a sturdy frame covered with wadding or foam and fabric upholstery. You can fix the upholstery in place with stitches, nails, glue, buttons or ties. Use sharp lines and elegant fabric to create a modern headboard that looks tough, but is soft to lean against.

A large square of plywood is the basis for creation. Place a thick layer of foam padding on the front of the plywood to preserve the sharp shape and provide cushioning. Bright black diy tufted headboard fabric pulled tight over the front of the headboard and secured with glue on the back create a spectacular and modern look. Stormy gray chenille pulled firmly over the front and secured with silver studs along the sides creating a simple modern look.

Bring a new life to a headboard shaped like a half circle with tufted button upholstery. Any semi-circle or half-oval header works for the framework. Heavy pulling firmly around the batting frame softens the curve and provides cushioning. Burgundy brocade fabric, gold or mocha secured firmly on the batting adds a majestic touch and a feeling of warmth. Press the fabric to the frame with gold buttons evenly spaced across the front of the middle of the headboard to create diy tufted headboard pleats in the brocade.

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