Funky Diy Upholstered Headboard

Diy Upholstered Headboard And Bench

Select bright colors and patterns to create a diy upholstered headboard with a funky touch. A four-poster headboard consisting of a rectangular piece of wood between two workstations as a frame for the design. Remove the padding from the thin foam lined in thick batting firmly through the center section of the headboard for extra soft padding.

Wrap the fabric at the top and bottom of the rectangular section to secure it to the back of the diy upholstered headboard. Purple satin with lilac polka dots gives the head a bold and capricious style. Chenille zigzagged with jade and yellow gives the head a cheerful style. Add a touch of class to your bedroom with a simple headboard covered in suede. A rectangular piece of wood provides a tall silhouette for the design.

Filled with fine foam and cotton batting covered the frame firmly to preserve crisp lines yet dampening the wood. The faux suede lying on the front of the headboard and turned in place in the back adds depth and texture to the piece. A fine fit of brown suede along the sides and the top of the diy upholstered headboard enhances the sharp lines and creates a frame effect.

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