Amazing King Size Headboard Dimensions

King size headboard dimensions – There are countless ways to go about “extension” a double bed, but most are seriously unpleasant. Adding a futon or pillow next to the bed will not work. Your only bet is to buy a new full queen or king size bed or buy a second twin to add the […]

Queen Full Size Headboard With Shelves

Full Size Headboard With Shelves – A headboard of a bed is an important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Its main historical function was to protect the head of a sleeping person from the cold coming through the wall. Today, headboards are usually purely aesthetic. Even so, there is a way to retake this […]

Bookcase Full Bed Headboard

Full bed headboard – Create your own padded headboard by stretching the fabric over wood or a canvas frame. The piece can be finished with staples on the back for a quick and easy headboard. You can also try adding padded sections and buttons to your headboard to personalize the look. A piece of plywood […]

Floating Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

Wood platform bed with headboard is a fancy sleeping manicure that puts your sleeping space 5 or 6 meters from the ground. Underneath a platform bed is a particularly nice place to place a desk or set of drawers. If your living room space is in desperate need of a more functional area, then consider […]

Amazing Wood Headboard Full Size

Wood headboard full size is considered a renewable resource as it is the fastest growing wood product on our planet. Bamboo floors are becoming increasingly popular due to its beauty and its environmentally friendly materials. There are many projects that you can create with wood, such as fences, arbors, and trellis and bedside tables. Making […]

Amazing White Metal Headboard

White metal headboard is decorative parts of a bed that attaches to the head of a bed frame or rails. Many bed styles have gables, but no step boards attached to the foot of the bed. Metal gables finished with acrylic paint or gables constructed of metal and acrylic are easy and easy to fit. […]

Wooden Headboards and Pedestals

Vintage wooden headboards the Indian rods are lined with iron ropes and brass medallions, the stylish interior of the farmhouse renews your style using only expectant wooden crate made into a functional coffee table that has added value from storage. Some details are complicated with elephants and horses carrying stories from the Spice Route and […]

How to Make Velvet Tufted Headboard

Velvet Tufted Headboard – Interior design trends have allowed the most bizarre fusion designs to combine and create an eclectic space with each element having different characteristics that result in a unique yet harmonious interior space. To design for an unusual reason is to test the limits of functionality and aesthetics. It involves taking risks […]

Simple Twin Bed With Bookcase Headboard

Twin Bed With Bookcase Headboard – Space next to a bed and over the typical header section is significant for storing books and media equipment. Planning this space wisely will create a pleasant reading space before bed and keep the room cleaner. Using only a small space on each side of the bed takes up […]

Cypres Storage Bed with Bookcase Headboard

Storage bed with bookcase headboard – Choosing the best storage bed with bookcase headboard, it is important to consider which items will be stored both in the storage and headboard. Also the amount of storage space as desired, and the potential size of the bedspread. The size of the headboard will determine the bookcase capacity. […]