Awesome Headboard Ideas

Headboard IdeasĀ – Interior design trends have allowed the strangest of design fusions to combine and create eclectic spaces with each element having distinct characteristics that result in unique yet harmonious interior spaces. To design in unfamiliar grounds is to test the boundaries of functionality and aesthetics. It involves taking risks and exploring different possibilities and […]

Tall Full Upholstered Headboard

Full Upholstered Headboard – It seems that we are living a resurgence of the headboard or simply that people are realizing the great role they can play in the bedroom. These upholstered headboards to improve your room are magnificent proposals that in many cases will not require much work either. A simple upholstered headboard can […]

Diy White Upholstered Headboard

White upholstered headboard is synonymous with light, peace and freshness. White is a timeless color that helps to have mental clarity. It is purest tone and is characterized by enhancing natural light and generating a sense of greater spatial amplitude. This color is identified with perfectionists and who seek new beginnings, in addition to helping […]

Diy Upholstered Headboard Bedroom Sets

In a romantic bedroom, of modern inspiration, with Nordic airs and, even, in an industrial space, the white upholstered headboard bedroom sets are furniture of great versatility . Decorate your bed with a decorative headboard and get a bedroom with a unique style. Do you want to find the ideal white headboards for the bedrooms […]

Large Quilted Headboard Bed

Quilted Headboard Bed – Although many people think of headboards as an optional accessory, headboards can make a bed look complete and give more space to the room. Headboards also help create a design motif, as they come in a wide variety of styles. Choosing the right header can be an important step in creating […]

Attractive Leather Platform Bed Headboard

There seems to be a misconception about the color options out there for a leather platform bed headboard. You may be surprised to learn that you can get a leather headboard in a vast array of colors, from light creams and ivory tones to deep blues and midnight black. Not only that, but there are […]

Beige Upholstered Headboards

To the bed! A good upholstered headboards is a fundamental piece for the decoration of the bedroom. And if when we say “cabecero” you are only able to imagine a “forge” that sounds every time you turn around in bed, we have a problem. One of the great successes of the diyer world to begin […]

Colored Upholstered Headboard and Footboard Set

Apart from clear function of upholstered headboard and footboard set to give a touch of style and decorate bedroom, headboards also have a function of a more practical nature: protect bed and bedding. If we put a headboard between bed and wall in bedroom, we will avoid that bedding, that is to say, sheets, blankets, […]

Twin Upholstered Headboard Tufted

Twin Upholstered Headboard – Upholstered headboards add a cozy and elegant feel to a room and make the bed a more cozy place to curl up with a good book. If you have researched the purchase of an upholstered headboard, you have realized that the price of a nice upholstered headboard can be prohibitive. Making […]

Beige Linen Upholstered Headboard

Choosing linen upholstered headboard is an elegant option that can make you combine the fabric of the upholstery with the tones of the quilt or the bedding. Currently, and very fashionable, there are many textures, shapes and designs that can give the headboard of your bed an original and novel touch. You can choose from […]