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April 25, 2018 Nightstands Design

Latest Trend Locking Nightstand

However now, the concept of intelligent furniture has changed completely. And is that by gathering all our current needs, many of which we “request” to our bedside table as provide light, charge our phones, put our alarm clocks, etc., has emerged this functional locking nightstand, which is able to simulate sunrises all the mornings for a more refreshing and natural awakening. In turn, the table learns from our sleep cycles to recommend the best times to go to sleep according to our routine.

Create Locking Nightstand

Create Locking Nightstand

In addition, if we get up at night to go to the bathroom, for example, the locking nightstand that automatically lights the floor that help to see the road, without blinding us or waking up to who accompanies us. You can also block the drawer electronically with the aim that only we can open it, it works as a Bluetooth speaker.

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it does not need cables to charge our electronic devices, it has USB input and it can even be operated with an App remotely. How are you? And because they did not want to put aside what were originally intelligent furniture that optimized space, the locking nightstand can simply be mounted on the wall without the need for special tools. Great!


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