Making Black Tufted Headboard


Black tufted headboard can create drama in any bedroom, in addition to giving it an interesting texture and a focal point. Creating a headboard with inserted hair can be done at home for a fraction of the cost and provides the same feeling of luxury as that of a commercially sold headboard. Depending on the level of experience and patience, an inserted hair head can be created in a few hours.

Determine the measurements of the header. Use a tape measure to measure the width of the bed frame or the mattress that will be used with the black tufted headboard inserted, and then add 2 inches to the measured width, according to the apartment therapy. The height of the headboard is a personal preference, but it should be measured from the top of the mattress to your preferred height on the wall.

Black tufted headboard, mark the width and height measurement with a carpenter’s pencil on the MDF and use a table saw to cut the MDF along the lines. Create a grid for the buttons. The eyelets must be evenly spaced for a symmetrical pattern. Use a tape measure and a carpenter’s pencil to mark the place where it will be attached to each button.

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