Original and Very Economical Espresso Nightstand

Chic Espresso Nightstand

Chic Espresso Nightstand

Sometimes, the gap between the bed and the wall is so small that it is impossible to put a small espresso nightstand. In that case, a good solution could be to place a narrow bench attached to the wall, like the one you see on these lines. On this piece of furniture, you can support everything you need. Original, fun and very economical! In this bedroom the bedside table is formed by three blocks of concrete with many holes, even to have your bedside books sorted.

You can leave them natural or paint with colors related to the decoration of the bedroom. A functional, decorative solution and a DIY project, if you put yourself to it, since it is a case anchored in the wall and decorated with colored corners. An espresso nightstand that occupies very little space and is very easy to install, but with a sufficient surface to support books, the alarm clock or even small pots.

sometimes the space is so small that it seems impossible to have an espresso nightstand. A table maybe not, but a shelf placed in the right place at the right height may be the solution. With the shelves anchored to the wall or supported with bolted brackets, you can have a light close to the bed and enough space to leave a glass of water, the clock, a book, even a magazine rack.

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