Tall Full Upholstered Headboard

Full Upholstered Headboard – It seems that we are living a resurgence of the headboard or simply that people are realizing the great role they can play in the bedroom. These upholstered headboards to improve your room are magnificent proposals that in many cases will not require much work either. A simple upholstered headboard can […]

Create Pallet Nightstand

Those who need additional place to sit and the pallet nightstand is a piece of furniture of little use, can take advantage of the benefits of a chair or a bench for that purpose. Not only fun and casual, but practical to sit and put on! Following the idea of ​​objects out of context applied […]

Bookcase Headboard King Black

Recycle assorted wood planks to create a luxurious bookcase headboard king with an earthy feel and a low cost. High, rectangular, flat header consists of a variety of planks cut with same size and thickness. Each table fits firmly for a perfect silhouette. High gloss varnish covers entire piece to help carry out different colors […]

Corner Off White Nightstand

What do you think about off white nightstand? Called night tables or auxiliaries, it is precisely their name, which indicates their function. In charge of supporting heavy books, ornaments, photos, lamps and others, these tables accompany us every night as we fall under the spell of Morpheo. Undoubtedly one of the benefits of the bedside […]

Black Upholstered Headboard Kit

Black upholstered headboard adds style, elegance and comfort to your bedroom. Building a stuffed bed sheet is a simple craft project; you can replenish less than an hour. Have your plywood shipped on the shop during purchase to make this project even easier Material Assemble your material to build a black upholstered headboard. You need […]

Build Nightstand with Pull Out Tray

Nightstand with pull out tray – bedroom decoration invites us to create intimate, personalized and enjoyable spaces. And in this area we spend a third of each day of our lives, which is average time we spend sleeping . In addition, it is an especially interesting place for relaxation. A fantastic space to meditate , […]

Bed Frames with Headboards Design

Bed frames with headboards – Although it is not necessary for the shape or function of a bed, a properly installed headboard can drastically change the look and feel of a bedroom. Headboard came in many different sizes and styles, from wood to flat, to metal, to upholster. But they all attach a metal bed […]

Diy White Upholstered Headboard

White upholstered headboard is synonymous with light, peace and freshness. White is a timeless color that helps to have mental clarity. It is purest tone and is characterized by enhancing natural light and generating a sense of greater spatial amplitude. This color is identified with perfectionists and who seek new beginnings, in addition to helping […]

Classic Oversized Nightstand

Oversized nightstand – This idea has enchanted us because it stands out from the rest because it is original and quite practical. Just stick a small wooden board in one of the doors of the closet will achieve the goal, who would say? It is very comfortable to others does not bother in anything to […]

Diy Upholstered Headboard Bedroom Sets

In a romantic bedroom, of modern inspiration, with Nordic airs and, even, in an industrial space, the white upholstered headboard bedroom sets are furniture of great versatility . Decorate your bed with a decorative headboard and get a bedroom with a unique style. Do you want to find the ideal white headboards for the bedrooms […]