Romantic Metal Headboard Style


A traditional wood head can add a natural warmth and charm to your bedroom. However, if you want a headboard that really stands out, a design that incorporates a piece of metal headboard may be your best bet. The metal naturally reflects the lights, so it draws attention and makes the head of a natural focal point in the room. You can find headers that feature metal inserts in a variety of styles, so you can find the most suitable system for your bedroom, no matter what decoration you prefer.

If you want to give your bedroom a romantic, old-world feel, a headboard with an ornate metal headboard insert is an ideal choice. Look for a header that features intricate scrolls, thick curves, fleur de lis, or other decorative shapes that add an elegant, dramatic look to the bed. To improve the appearance, opt for a headboard made of a rich, dark wood like mahogany, so there is a strong contrast between the wood and the metal insert.

You can also opt for a bed frame that features a metal insert with an elegant, modern feel. Headboards are available with ribbed steel inserts, smooth stainless steel panels, or simple metal headboard bars, which provide a similar industrial feel. For the most aerodynamic look, opt for a headboard with clean lines and a paint finish instead of the stain. Black is an ideal color if you are trying to create a modern look.

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