Simple Ideas to Have Good Nightstand Lamp

Mirrored Nightstand Lamp

Mirrored Nightstand Lamp

The nightstand lamp is an indispensable piece of furniture for any bedroom. The bedside tables are necessary and also very practical. They are like landing platforms for many of our things like the cell phone, books, handkerchiefs, reading glasses, water bottles … But they rarely have original or varied designs. It seems that we are used to that the tables are always the same, that is, a table with four legs and sometimes with drawers.

Look for recycled wooden boxes to have good nightstand lamps. Lime the parts that are rougher, paint the wood of the color that fits best for your bedroom (or leave the original wood color if you like more) and enjoy your new piece of furniture. It will bring an informal and fresh style to your bedroom and in addition, you can add some planks on top if it is what you need.

They can be industrial stools or other type of stools. What matters is that the stools (most of them) can adjust their size so that it is right next to the pillow of your bed and thus, to be able to have your little nightstand lamp nearby and use it comfortably every night. You will not have drawers, but a surface to put your things.


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