To Connect Steel Frames To A Wooden Headboard And Footboard

Wooden Headboard And Footboard For Kids

Wooden headboard and footboard – Starting with set the frame of the steel bed. These by connecting the center cross members and the cross pieces to the head and foot of the bed frame. Metal bed frames do not need any additional tool to assemble. Align the arms on each side and slide the metal pin into the slot until it clicks. Connect the three arms, and then move the frame of the bed to the part of the room where it will be located.

Hold one of the bed hook adapter brackets next to the head of one of the rails. Align the bolt holes between the bracket and the bed bar. Insert a bolt and use your fingers to fix it with the nut. Repeat in the other lane. Next step connect steel frames to a wooden headboard and footboard, attach the adapter brackets to the foot part of the steel rails in the same way. These by inserting the fixing screws and nuts with your fingers. Adjust the headboard in front of the headband adapted hook rails. Locate the grooves or grooves on the legs of the headboard.

Which are created during fabrication pending the acceptance of hook on the wooden rails. Align the hooks with the slots and insert them. Press down to fit the hooks, and test the stability of the connection by moving the frame of the bed. Last, align the footboard with the adapted end-of-foot hook rails. Insert the hooks into the grooves of the legs, then press down firmly. Slide the bed to its final location. And the project of connect steel frames to a wooden headboard and footboard was done.

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